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Welcome to Clumsy Janitor
by: OV Pink LLC
Basketball should be a game for everyone, right? Take for example Big Al Eubanks in the upper left hand corner. Does he seem concerned at all about what anyboby thinks? Is he not the picture of unbridled will and determination? Are you gonna get in his way, as he swoops to the hoop to handle his business? I sure hope not. Yeah, you can  question his form, technic, style, grace, method, good sense, leaping ability, "artificial hang time", uniform, footwear, and even his "oval-essence." 
With all of this said however, one thing you can not question. Big Al Eubanks, the first official Clumsy Janitor is 'droppin mad buckets!' And that's all that matters!
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The Entrepreneur Expo held at Claremont Neighborhood Center was a success. Thanks to all of the Vendors and visitors to the Expo. We hope that with your continued support the next event will be bigger and better. Some vendors: Mr. AscotoMs. IsaacsMrs. KellyRod and NikkiaAnnie B,  The Shaklee Business.
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Clumsy Janitor droppin' mad buckets
by Carl Thomas