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Tournament Info
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About the Camp
Clumsyjanitor.com DMB is a basketball appreciation summer camp which educates young campers about the history of this wonderful game. Campers also participate in drills designed to improve conditioning, fundamental skills and nutrition. We are sponsored by OV Pink LLC, a for-profit company that independently distributes SHAKLEE sports nutrition products (Distributor# ZK05362). SHAKLEE is the #1 natural nutrition supplement company in the United States.
Go to WWW.SHAKLEE.COM to view clinical studies as well as reviews from Olympic athletes. OV Pink LLC also sponsors the clumsyjanitor.com DMB 3 on 3  Summer Basketball Tournament held in back of Yankee Stadium. We guarantee that you will find this experience both educationally and physically rewarding.

What We Offer

Basketball History Seminars
Agility Drills!
Shooting Mechanics
Power Pivot System!
Personalized Report Cards!
Sports Nutrition Seminar!
Footwork Drills!
Trip to Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
Tee Shirt (T-shirt included)
Indoor/Outdoor Activities
And Much More!
*Camp lasts for one (1) week for each camper, from 8am to 3pm.
                                Ages 6,7 - 8,9 - 10,11 and 12
(copy of birth certificate required). Camp location: Mullaly Park (in back of Yankee Stadium) 164nth street River Ave, Bx N.Y. Camp dates: *Pick your week-July: 4-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-29 *Pick your week-August: 1-5, 8-12, 15-19, 22-26
*Dates, sessions and weeks subject to change pending registration totals and discretion of
OV Pink LLC.             M.I.M- Movement Is Medicine. Stay Active!
Click Here to Purchase the New Book
Clumsy Janitor droppin' mad buckets
by Carl Thomas

M.I.M - Movement Is Medicine

    Ask about our fund Raising Program
           Ways a young person can earn extra Cash.               See if you can add a few more.

Price:$230.00 for ages 6 - 9
        $250.00 for ages 10 - 12
Save 10% on camp fees if Registered and paid in full by March 31, 2011 $207.00 (Ages 6-9)
      $225.00 (Ages 10-12)


Age                            Date of Birth
Parent Name
Grade Level
(Provide Proof by fax)
1. Sell Candy 2. Shovel Snow 3. Rake Leaves 4. Babysitting 5. Walk Dog 6. Wash Cars 7. Make Lemonade 8. Sell on e-bay 9. Pack Bags 10. Mow Lawn 11. Help Elderly 12. Sweep Yards 13. Sell old Items 14. Sweep hair at Barbershop or Salon 15. Sell food 16. Cut Hair 17. Fix Computers 18. Tutoring 19. Paper Route 20. Run Errands 21. Chores for others 22.Internships 23. Clean Parks 24. Gardening 25. Mail Letters 26. Assist Parent at their Job 27. Make home repairs 28. Sell Water 29. Sell Flowers 30. Paint 31. Pack Grocery Bags 32. Shop for Elderly 33. Assemble Furniture 34.Typing 35. Take out Garbage 36. Take and Pick up kids from school, etc
Register Here
Use the best for Peek Performance
For energy, hydration, or overall good day to day health choose Shaklee - The number 1 natural nutrition supplement company in the U.S. for over 50years. (and we don't advertise on T.V.
Use distributor#ZK05362 to buy.
Week Selected
After registering click the "submit" button. Then return to page and click "Buy This" button to complete purchase.
Camp 2
Ages 14 to 18 click here. 
Camp 1
Ages 11 to13 click here
Name of Recruiter